Who We Are

We welcome your participation in the life and activities of the Fellowship and trust that you will find friendship, acceptance and encouragement. It is our desire that you experience the Lord’s blessing and the warmth of Christian fellowship and love within this Church family.

We have a service every Sunday at 10 a.m. in the Village and Valley Community Centre for people to gather and worship together.  We have a strong family focus but we also cover a wide variety of ages from young to old. We run two children's programs during the school terms, one for children aged 3 to 6 and another for ages 7 to 12, and we run a créche during the holidays.

Ashhurst Christian Fellowship is run by a team lead by Pastor Doug Stewart.

Ashhurst Christian Fellowship is a part of New Life Churches International.

Our aims and objectives are:

1.  To encourage people into a vital and living relationship with Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.

2.  That through Sunday Services and the various activities of the Fellowship we seek to provide an environment where all (children as well as adults) can:

  • Worship God together;
  • Receive sound biblical teaching and instruction;
  • Be discipled and nurtured in the Christian Faith;
  • Be encouraged in family relationships and living;
  • Enjoy healthy  social interaction and fun-times together.

3.  To support and empower people to be effective and fruitful in their Christian living within the community, the workplace, as well as the home.

4.  To encourage one another to be aware of each other's social and practical needs and thus be a caring and supportive Christian community not only to those within the Church Fellowship but also those in the Ashhurst community.

More information on what we believe can be found in our Statement of Faith.

Where We Come From:

The Ashhurst Christian Fellowship has from its very inception sought to provide, encourage and build an environment that would be, in the words of one of the first recorded aims of what was then “The Shelter,” — “an opportunity for Christian fellowship at all ages and stations in life.”

From that beginning in 1974 an inclusive family atmosphere has been encouraged among a community of people that the Lord has brought and is knitting together.